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  • "Embrace the technology, maximise the results!"

    Welcome to Learn IT – You Can!

    Learn-IT.ie is an unique facility created to help people get in contact with modern technology. In the society of present day technological advancement is visible at every step. And there is no way back from it.

    Everybody have either to accept it or try to stand against it. But the latter option is going to be thougher with every coming day.

    That’s why we decided to help you out. Technology is here to stay and nobody can do nothing about it. But we can teach you, patiently and competently how to embrace that techonology in order to make a progress

    The mission of Learn-IT is to teach, expand and help to reach beyond. Our Tutors are well qualified to teach how to use computers in various tasks to meet needs of variety of customers.

    How does it work?

    1. Tell us what you want to learn...

    2. Tell us how proficient you are...

    3. Let us prepare a training for you...


    • You can learn latest techniques in comfort of your own home
    • We deliver tutorials in times suitable to you
    • You have access to Our Helpline
    • We offer loads of additional materials

    How we teach

    Our trainings are designed for every customer.

    Courses are delivered online using Skype.


      I would have never expected that you can learn over Skype!

      The tutorials are prepared for me and are well suited to my needs.

      James Mulligan, Portlaoise

    "Save hundreds of euros, do it all yourself!"

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